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    Warranty Information




Warranty period is one year from the Date of Purchase.

(The warranty does not cover the repair or exchange of a Products resulting from the misuse of the purchaser.)


When the product malfunctions

Please contact the A/S center (customer service center) to be assisted. 82-32-621-0090

What is covered by warranty?

Any defects in materials and workmanship of the Products for a specified, fixed period commencing on its Date of Purchase.

What is not covered by warranty?

1)      Operating malfunctions occurred after the warranty period is over.

2)      Damages caused by purchaser¡¯s improper maintenance and accident.

3)      Improper repair and alteration by service centers other than the ones appointed by Woojin Servo.

4)      Damage caused by improper voltage usage and connecting tools.

5)      Damage caused by natural disaster (fire, salt damage, gas damage, earthquake, flood, lightening, abnormal power supply, etc.) operating environment, or failure caused by a product for which Woojin Servo is not responsible. The warranty is voided by removal or alteration of the Products identification labels.

6)      Replacement of  wearable parts that were used in a normal condition.

7)      The second warranty proposed for incident from application misuse.